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These useful links include Photographic Association Information, links to sources of inspiration from not only some internationally acclaimed photographers, but to some of the people that I have met along my journey in photography.

Saltburn Photographic Society

The place that photographers meet in Saltburn. A varied program of talks, competitions and practical nights meeting every Wednesday from September to April.

Royal Photographic Society

The Royal Photographic Society was founded in 1853 with the objective of making the art and science of photography more widely available. The international charitable organisation is dedicated to increasing the knowledge and understanding of photography and film, supporting photographers, and inspiring public engagement. The RPS is one of the world’s oldest photographic societies.

Ian Horner

Ian has been a colleague of mine for many years and we have often stood side by side in various landscape locations, but have returned with very different images

Joe Laws

Joe is an award winning Newcastle based Studio Photographer.  A very innovative photographer as well as a great mentor. I am grateful to Joe for the time that we have spent together in his studio and the advice and information that he has shared with me.

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