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Toni makes the front page for me.

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

An image that has done very well for me in competitions a Saltburn Photographic Society and at regional level in NYSD and NCPF.

A good enough reason I think to feature it on the home page of my new web site.

From a set of images taken up in Newcastle at HD studio, Toni was an absolute pleasure to work with. No direction needed from me, which is just as well as I still feel uncomfortable with this.

Lighting was very simple with a single strobe with a beauty dish to the right.

For those wanting to learn more about light in the studio, I often refer to a book by Chris Knight "Dramatic Portrait" which explores the use of light in portraiture, not only in photography but in paintings throughout history. A very good read, but if you prefer something to watch he has a very informative video on YouTube. It's very long too so worth watching over several sittings as there is so much to take in.

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