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Bowlees Beckons! Why not join me?

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

I am ever hopeful that the Government road map continues to become reality and like many of my friends I am looking forward to the opportunity to get out with my camera again.

High on my list of places to re-visit are the waterfalls at Bowlees in Teesdale. It was one of my favourite locations for photography a few years ago and I enjoyed meeting with other photographers on a couple of workshops that I put together there.

I am planning a day there, probably late April / May and would love to share it with others with an interest in photography and in particular moving water and waterfalls. This is NOT a workshop. It is no more than a get together, but should you need any guidance on any aspect of photography there will be someone around to help you out. This location has at least three areas of interest so it will be easy to keep socially distanced and for those wanting even more adventure, Low Force is a short walk from Bowlees. With ample parking and picnic areas to take a rest and and have a cuppa it is an ideal spot to spend some time.

If you would like to join me, drop me a note via the contact page on my web site. Give me an idea of what weekday would be best for you and I will try and organise this to suit as many as possible.

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